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Double cylinder socks knitting machine

This is the latest development of two routes three color fully computerized double cylinder socks knitting machine. It’s specialized in producing men’s and ladies socks of plain weave/rib/face side jacquard/ridge design and three color jacquard socks.


Fitur Mesin

●  No drum, automatic, full computer type
●  Electrical control shuttle conversion and pin
●  The servo motor and servo driver
●  Uses two-way shuttle inlet device, a total of 9 shuttle, 2 groups of scissors
●  6 color socks for a shuttle weaving continuous exchange
●  Multiple fault detection device (broken, broken needle, power, electronic failure)
●  Automatic feeding device
●  Downward direction from socks function and automatic stocking turning device
●  The same row can be woven of three colors, the rubber band can be spaced weaving
●  Textile “Y” or “W” heel heel
●  Use the needle cylinder mechanism becomes shorter, suitable for high speed motion, jacquard and box uses the integrated processing, can reduce the noise
●  Before and after reinforcement



●  The use of LCD picture language
●  USB system
●  High performance, high precision of needle selection (Section 8)
●  Needle selection automatic check function
●  The electronic automatic check function
●  The flowers have no choice function


Model nomor.RT-SD8
Diameter silinder 4"  etc.
Jangkauan jarum96N-224N
Kecepatan lari220Rpm~280Rpm
Electric:Three-phase 220V-380V, 50/60 Hz
Power cylinder:5.5-6 kg pressure
Net weight:400Kg
Berat bersih300kg
Berat kotor450kg
Dimensi Pengepakan:97cmx90cmx220cm

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