About Us

Rimata start from man Frank as technician, by occasional he started to cooperation with German Otto, he got more chance to dealing with different factories for different knitting machines. He knows very well China machine manufacturing industry still in a start stage, since then he start to invest with potential factories in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong province since decade years ago.During those decade years, Frank was Committed to provide best quality machines & service to customer with competitive price. He got a very high reputation due to his honesty, credit, hard work.

Richard as Frank’s son to start take over all business since 2014, in order to integrate resources to serve customer more well, Rimata as head office to handle all business, philosophy is as simple as to provide a quick, better, and innovative business and production solutions to all our clients in the most competitive prices, while ensure each customer gets personal assistance, fast order turnarounds and exceptional customer service.

More than decade years circular knitting machine’s R & D, we having nice market share including China domestic market and markets in the world. At its peak, China's market share for a single variety of equipment was over 90%. till now this single equipment still can be about 70-80%. Due to quality and sound reputation, our customers including African countries, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America and other countries.

Rimata offers circular warp and weft, flat, and custom knitting machine types. Available cylinder size to knit different types fabric. Options and features vary depending upon model and include single and multi-feed, small diameter, and latching needles on single cylinder properties. Capabilities such as design, research and development, and machining are available. Suitable for various applications such as wires, rib knit tapes and jerseys, textile materials, apparel items, and industrial channel tapes. Serves the automotive, medical, home furnishing, jewelry and craft industries.

Welcome to contact for case by case discussion, we also do customized function for your special fabric