Cuff Knitting Machine

Cuff Knitting Machine

Cuff knitting machine uses cotton, polyester or acrylic to make tubular seamless rib cuff in half-cardigan with 1×1 rib, generally, middles width is 8cm and end width is 11cm. The rib is 1×1 or 2×2.


Machine's Features

  • Imitate big circular knitting machine's transmission way of timing belt and bearing.Small resistance, not easy fever,more higher speed with stale performance.
  • The synchronous transmission of needle and needle plate, can resolve the problem of indentation appear in the traditional rib knitting machine when the horn extrusion fabric
  • The CAM adopts the material and the craft as the standard of circular knitting machine with high precision and resistance against abrasion.

Machine Parameter

Power380V / 1.5KW  3-Phase