Full Automatic Cuff Fold Cutting Machine

Surgical Gown Rib cuff auto fold cutting machine

  • Full Automatic
  • Different material application
  • Different width cuff suitable
  • Different length cutting avaible
  • LCD languages interchange
  • High Speed: about 60pcs/min


Machine's Features

The traditional cuff needs to be cut manually, or after the cutting equipment then manually flipped and folded, and then stitched with the clothing.
This equipment can automatically flip, cut and fold the finished product according to the required size of the cuff. Facilitate the subsequent process.
Especially suitable for various garment factories, pharmaceutical companies and other production enterprises.

Machine Parameter

  • Cutting length Max 23cm
  • Cuff width 4-11cm or customized accept.
  • Speed: about 60pcs/min
  • Packing size: 180*90*110cm
  • Gross weight: 330kgs

Machine Video