Polyester Elastic Hair Band Knitting Machine

Polyester Elastic Hair Band Knitting Machine

Polyester elastic hair band knitting machine knits elastic hair band with polyester and spandex. The fabric is with strong elasticity and seamless. The knitting machine is fully computerized with 8 feeders. Its capacity can reach 30-35 meters per hour. If working 10 hours a day, daily output is 300-350 meters per day.


Machine's Features

  • Imitate big circular knitting machine's transmission way of timing belt and bearing.Small resistance, not easy fever,more higher speed with stale performance.
  • The synchronous transmission of needle and needle plate, can resolve the problem of indentation appear in the traditional rib knitting machine when the horn extrusion fabric
  • The CAM adopts the material and the craft as the standard of circular knitting machine with high precision and resistance against abrasion.

Machine Parameter

Cylinder Dia.95mm
CapacityAccording to customer's factory density, Case by case discussion

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