Computerized Jacquard Knee Brace Knitting Machine

Jacquard Knee Support Knitting Machine

Fully computerized jacquard knitting machine upgrade with more exquisite machine designs for more higher machine performance and output.
More easy for maintenance.
With jacquard knitting,tuck knitting to knit seamless & big small head products.
It’s a professional machine for knitting various sports protect or healthcare items, like kneecap,elbow support,ankle guard,waist support,head band, bracers etc.


Machine's Features

  • Full Automatic
  • Easy operation
  • High output
  • With good elestic

Machine's Parameter

Model No.RTK62 / RTK63
Clinder Diameter7" 9" 11" or customized accepted
Total Needles384N 480N 576N or customized
Running SpeedAround 50-80R.P.M
Motor Power0.75KW
Machine Size750*750*1450mm

Sample Images