Circular Cap Knitting Machine

Circular Cap Knitting Machine

Circular cap knitting machine is used to produce circular cap, the cap is in rib 1×1 or 2×2. The machine can make full cardigan rib cap or half-cardigan rib cap.


Machine's Features

  • Full Automatic
  • Easy operation
  • High output
  • Exquisite finished hat blank

Machine's Parameter


Cylinder Diameter240mm
 Working Speed80-120R.P.M
The Jacquard ColorMax 8colors jacquard in the same line
ColorsPossible of colors more than 16 on the same piece
Driving System by Servo Motor0.55KW
Electronic220V/380V 3-phase
The pattern design software is compatible with different computer system and Laptop etc.
Automatic Re-cycling oiler, Automatic counter
Stop Motion forYarn breakage, knot, needle breakage etc.

Sample Images