Circular Hat Knitting Machine

Circular Hat Knitting Machine

Circular hat knitting machine uses acrylic, cotton or polyester to make circular hat, the circular hat is seamless, can be cut into pieces directly and sew it into a hat.


Machine's Features

  • Full Automatic
  • Easy operation
  • High output
  • Exquisite finished hat blank

Machine's Parameter


Cylinder Diameter248mm
 Working Speed80-120R.P.M
The Jacquard ColorMax 8colors jacquard in the same line
ColorsPossible of colors more than 16 on the same piece
Driving System by Servo Motor0.55KW
Electronic220V/380V 3-phase
The pattern design software is compatible with different computer system and Laptop etc.
Automatic Re-cycling oiler, Automatic counter
Stop Motion forYarn breakage, knot, needle breakage etc.

Sample Images